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Friday, October 8, 2010

Why bring electronics on vacation?


  1. America seems to be more involved in work and is pushing off vacation. America needs to learn to relax.

    -- Jesse Sykes

  2. I found that this experiment proved the world is getting more obsessed with work as well as technology. It fits two in one!

  3. This one made me think about how much technology I bring on vacation! At first I thought "whoa, they bring a lot," but then I thought about it and realized I bring about the same amount of technology.
    Danielle Green

  4. I think it's really interesting how vacation is supposed to be a time for relaxing and getting away yet we are so obsessed with working and getting ahead we bring technology which only distracts us from relaxation.

  5. I really liked your two videos. I thought you did a great job of looking at the impact of electronics on our connections with each other and on trust in our society. Thank you for your thoughtful questions and original approach to social capital. Well done!!!! Where is your third lab????? The first two are great! Please send me your third lab.

    Great work!