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Monday, October 11, 2010

Erica, Shea and Shelby!: Lab #2: "If it's on Facebook then it has to be rea...

yeah i agree, people should learn about each other in person, not online.

Erica, Shea and Shelby!: Lab #1: Trust-an Investigation of social Capital

i loved the part about the teachers. very cool.

Commonweal Labs!: You Trust Me?! :S

yeah i think that people are becoming less skeptical over the internet. however, i am not sure that that exhibits trust because most people don't consider sites like facebook to be dangerous.

Social Capital: FACEBOOK

I think that it is a valid point, however i also think that the internet can hinder social capital. I think this is because people will be spending too much time on their computer when they could be interacting with people face to face.


I think that trust is really important, and this poll exemplifies the trust issues that the majority of the US has. It was interesting to me that people would give there password out of something that is public to so many people, but they wouldn't temporarily let someone use their phone.